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International Security Guard Company NYC
International understands the important role of security guards NYC and is committed to providing highly trained and motivated personnel to fulfill all their roles with success. Through our Certified Contractor Program, we have managed to recruit more than 3000 bodyguards who are waiting deployment. All of our security guards undergo thorough training and are tested to ascertain their performance on the job. We have security guards who can cater to a variety of security needs of our clients.

Our areas of specialization
International is capable of providing security guards NYC who can cater to different situations. Our skilled staff use their experience gained through extensive service in providing our clients exceptional security services. We provide several levels of executive protection.

Armed security guards for dignitaries
International understands the needs of dignitaries requiring protection services. There are many factors that may cause security concerns for high profile figures, VIPs and top government officials. These individuals may find themselves in situations that require quality security services. USPA International can offer armed security guards NYC who will address the real threats faced by high profile individuals in the society.

Close protection for dignitaries (NY Bodyguards)
We offer close protection officers for high profile individuals attending conferences, functions and events or public appearances. Dignitaries who simply require additional security or protection services after receiving a threat during a trip will have their security beefed up. 

Secure transport services for high profile individuals
For dignitaries who will need adequate protection during periods of travel USPA International will assess the potential threats, conduct thorough surveys and look for evacuation routes in the event of an emergency. Our clients can be guaranteed that their needs will be met. We have adequate manpower and equipment to offer security for our clients during times of travel. 

Our agents will liaise with the fire department and other public service security personnel in the area where you’ll be traveling to so that they can be prepared in case of an emergency. We also alert rescue personnel in the community so that we can get the necessary support if need be. If our client is traveling by air, we may notify the airline’s special services in advance as well as other departments like customs, immigration and air law enforcement agencies. 

We coordinate the arrival of dignitaries in advance in order to reduce risks and inconvenience during travel. Our security guards NYC will discuss intelligence information, outline various emergency options and establish checkpoints making sure unauthorized persons do not gain access to the secured areas.

Security services for corporate clients
If you need protection for your business and its assets, our security guard company NYC can offer you highly trained, professional and committed security guards. We provide a full range of specialized protection services to our corporate clients.

High risk terminations (Armed Security Guards)
We offer security in high risk termination situations which occur when large volumes of employees have been terminated and they become a security threat to the organization. In high risk termination, there’s a likelihood of the situation turning out to be violent. This creates an unsafe environment for the remaining workers and customers. However, armed security guards from USPA International can help your company mitigate the risk of violence and ensure your workplace remains safe. We will ensure the employees leave the workplace without causing any mayhem. We will provide security guards during and after the termination process.

Secure transport
Whether you are a large multinational organization or a small local business, secure transportation services are very critical. You may need to get armed security guards to transport cash from your business to the bank. You may also need secure transportation of your business assets. We have a variety of armored vehicles to ensure your cash and business assets reach the destination safely and timely. Our armored vehicles come with dedicated staff and some of the best security guards NYC. We are able to provide secure transport not just for financial institutions but also retailers and businesses of all sizes. We also provide adequate insurance so that you don’t suffer any losses while your goods are on transit and in our possession. 

Disaster relief protection
You need to have the right team by your side when a disaster strikes in your company or residential area. We work with our clients to ensure that all their security needs are met in the events of a disaster. We do understand that in case of a natural disaster, issues like travel, communication and accommodation may arise. We deploy large groups of personnel to assist in such challenging environments.

High risk areas
International provides security guards for sites in high risk areas. We extend the use of armed security guards in the marine industry where there’s a high threat to security. We provide anti-piracy/maritime security by deploying security guards who are trained on how to maintain large vessels in areas that are at risk of piracy. Our experts understand the security needs of modern day ships and vessels.

Disaster recovery (Security after hurricanes)
After a disaster strikes, you want to ensure that your business continues running smoothly and that the security controls continue to function. This means areas that are very critical to your organization such as the servers should be locked down and properly secured. USPA International offers disaster recovery making sure your business will continue functioning after an emergency situation. We provide armed security guards NYC who will take good care of your premises and ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain physical access to things like the servers. You want to make sure that your business will recover after the disaster by preventing a security breach. We will help you to achieve this.

Energy plants
Energy and power plants are structures that, even though their design and construction makes it very difficult to penetrate, they need to be properly secured. These energy plants must be protected by highly trained and armed security guards NYC. We utilize high end detection and surveillance systems to make sure the energy plants are adequately protected.

Government facilities
We do know that government facilities and federal agencies do face numerous security challenges. A breach in security can lead to devastating consequences that affect national security. That’s why our security guard company NYC delivers reliable solutions to government agencies. We have the ability to work with various operatives in order to enhance security and address any arising vulnerabilities.

We offer government agencies reliable solutions by utilizing decades of experience in the industry. We utilize security technologies which cannot be compromised. Our officers have undergone intensive training in terrorism awareness to offer the best service to all our clients. We utilize various tracking methods to monitor our security guards and make sure they remain aware and accountable while on the job.

Private clients (Security & Bodyguard Services)
International offers security services to private clients. If you or a family member is at risk of kidnapping then you should contact us immediately. We are in a position to offer anti-kidnapping techniques and keep you safe in adverse environments. We will also offer you information on what makes you a target and how to reduce your chances of becoming a kidnapping victim.

We also offer close protection services to families and victims of stalking. Our close protection officers can provide regular residential protection. USPA International can provide bodyguards NYC who work on various short or long term protection assignments. It’s important for our security personnel to be briefed on the requirements of that operation so that we can offer our services to our best ability. We can provide our personal protection services to private clients globally.

Families (Security Guards for Estates)
International offers security services to families with different needs. In case you need someone you can trust to take care of your children, we provide highly trained nannyguards. Our nannyguards have been trained in various disciplines such as travel security, abduction mitigation, secure driving and evacuation with children. They have undergone various security drills to ensure the children they are in charge of remain secure. 

Our nannyguards have an unmatched level of situational awareness having undergone intense training. We also offer child protection specialists who have experience working with children. With very strange and violent situations that affect children today, our nannyguards can give you the peace of mind once you hire someone to provide child care. Our training is very superior and the nannyguards are trained to do whatever it takes to ensure children’s safety.

Why choose USPA International Security? Overall, our security guard company will offer the following and so much more:

  • Experienced and highly qualified bodyguards NYC
  • Multilingual security experts who are able to provide international protection services with much ease
  • Worldwide site surveys tailored to suit your needs
  • Proactive and reactive security services offered by special agents with experience
  • A highly responsive management team of armed security guards available on standby
  • Rest assured of the highest quality service customized to suit your needs
  • A diverse team of security professionals who can help corporate, private individuals, government agencies and families. 

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