Management Profile
Michael Evans - USPA International
Michael Evans, CEO
Michael Evans is the Chief Executive Officer of USPA International. His career began in 1994 in a local police department on Long Island, NY. Mr. Evans has held law enforcement positions in local, federal and state agencies. His experience is derived from 14 years as a police officer, correctional officer and law enforcement park ranger, combined with 24 years of executive protection and security management. Evans has been credited with the arrest of New York’s Most Wanted Fugitive in April of 2004. His education has spanned from a degree in legal studies to the graduation from 5 law enforcement academies, including state and federal police academies.

Evans is a Best Selling Author in the genre of self-improvement, self-help as well as the author of several eBooks, manuals and How to's in the security industry.

Recent Works:
-Borrowed Theme (self improvement)
-The Real Matrix (self improvement) 
-How to Start a Security Company (industry related)
-How to Operate a Security Company (industry related)
-How to Land Security Contracts (industry related)

Mr. Evans is also the current CEO of USPA Technologies, USPA Nationwide Security, Panic Room USA and former Chief Executive Officer of Blue Line Capital, which is the parent company of, a security uniforms and gear online store and, a business consulting firm dedicated to security company owners and prospective owners who need help building their company, financing for start up business, contract writing, proposal writing, etc. Since the inception of, Evans has led projects as diverse as building companies in Australia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong and of course the United States.

Among Evans’ Certifications are:
Basic Academy for Federal Police Officers
NPS Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Academy
Basic Academy for Police Officers 
Suffolk County Sheriff’s Academy
Basic Academy for Correctional Officers
Executive Protection Agent Course
Surveillance Operator Specialist Course
Israeli Close Quarter Combat Training
Close Quarter Handgun Defense Craft
Sniper/Counter Sniper Course
NYPD Auto Crime School
Stolen Vehicle Identification Course
DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety
Driving Under the Influence Course
Drug Recognition Expert Course
Drug Interdiction for Patrol Course
Advanced Traffic Stop Techniques
Radar/Lidar Operators Course
Club Drugs Course
Gang Training Course
Gang Symbolism Course
Effective Courtroom Testimony Course
Advanced Report Writing
Interview and Interrogation Techniques Course (Wicklander & Zulawski)
Advanced Interview & Interrogations Course (Wicklander & Zulawski)
Interview Techniques (Reid Method)
Forensic Nuerographic Investigations
S.W.A.T Tactics and Hostage Negotiations Course
Informant Development Course
NYPD Counter Terrorism Course
Dealing with Emotionally Disturbed Persons Course
Advanced Use of Force Course
Tactical Straight Baton Instructor’s Course
Suicide by Cop Course
9mm Pistol, .38 Caliber, 12 Gauge Shotgun, M-16, .308, .223
Stun-tech Electronic Immobilization Devices Course
Responding to Robbery and Homicide Course
Patrol Response to Active Shooters Course
Medical First Responder Course
CPR and First Aid Course
Wilderness Medical First Responder Course
NYSPIN Basic Course with Data Entry and Criminal History Certifications
Vice for Patrol Course
Emergency Medical Dispatch Course

Martial Arts Training:
Black Belt - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Black Belt - Taekwondo.
Security Guard Services - Security Company - Firewatch - Bodyguards Security
Security Guard Service – Bodyguard Company – Firewatch Security Guards